Is Wrist Pain Costing You Time and Money?

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If your wrist & hand pain doesn’t stop, the Pain will end your career!

How will you support yourself?  Will your family suffer if you can’t work?

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  • Do you lie in bed at night, concerned that the pain you are feeling in your hand is going to prevent you from working?
  • Do your fingers refuse to move easily? Or does a finger lock in the bent position?
  • Does numbness in your fingertips make it difficult to use your writer or computer?
  • Are you afraid you have the beginning of carpal tunnel syndrome?
  • How much money will you lose if you can’t work even one day because of pain?

My name is Julie Donnelly. Perhaps we’ve met at one of the many NCRA Conventions or State Association meetings I’ve presented at since 2001. Although I have been recognized as a Pain-Relief Expert for over 25 years, I have also suffered from relentless chronic pain.
I personally understand the frustration of pain interfering with your life and career.  As the popular saying goes…”Been there, done that!”

Hand/wrist pain and numbness, the common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, prevented me from doing the sports I loved, and it shut down my therapy practice. Pain was forcing me to consider going on Public Assistance until I could find some work I could do with one hand. It was a frightening time, but it was also the catalyst for me developing the techniques that eliminate these symptoms quickly and safely.

None of the experts I went to see were able to give me permanent relief. I began to believe that pain was going to be a part of my life forever. It was discouraging and totally depressing! Finally I took the knowledge I gained from many years of experience and developed self-applied treatments that stopped the pain quickly, giving me back my job, and an active life.

I want to share with you a simple guide created to put you on the path to pain relief. It will explain why you aren’t getting the relief you are seeking, where the logical source of your pain is located, and why so many professionals treat the symptoms without getting to the source of your pain.

This guide was written to help you understand what you need to do to put you on the road for flexibility and the increase in power that you deserve.

It’s my mission to point you in the right direction so it won’t take you as long to find pain relief as it took me.

This free guide will show you how you can eliminate pain for good through the simple logic of the body! Read this book if you are determined to move freely and easily again.

I’m excited and delighted to be your guide to your pain-free body, and to show you how you can be your own Best Pain Relief Therapist!


Why your pain is not always a joint problem?

  • Why the source of pain is frequently far from the area of pain
  • The toxins in your body that cause muscle and joint pain
  • Why joint pain is usually a muscle problem
  • A simple technique that will prevent pain from returning
  • What you need to do to maintain pain-relief and flexibility

You will Discover:

  • Why you aren’t getting relief from the professionals you’re seeing
  • Why the source of pain is frequently far from the area of pain
  • A misunderstanding about the toxins in your body that cause muscle and joint pain
  • Why joint pain is usually not a joint problem
  • How a ball can relieve shoulder pain
  • A simple technique that will prevent pain from returning

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